The Metal Exorcism 6

Alturas Bar, 1044 E 4th Street, Reno Nevada

Rock Solid Pressure Presents.. THE METAL EXORCISM #6(66) The Spring Cleansing The Power Of Metal Compels You! Doors 7:00pm, Music starts at 7:30pm. Admission $10, 21+ There will be live Exorcisms performed onstage by Father Ian. This ritual will expel any demons that are possessing your soul. It will 'not' expel the demons you want to keep. If you want to participate, please get there at doors and sign up. First come first served. Check out the lineup for this edition.. THE DOOD: 10:30pm (Nationally touring metal band from Florida) The Return of PRIDIAN FIRE: 9:45-10:15pm FATHER IAN performs Exorcisms 9:00-9:30pm BANG MARRY KILL: 8:15-8:45pm BEAR EATER: 7:30-8:00pm THE DOOD (The Distinguished Order Of Disobedience): THE DOOD are a nationally touring band from Florida. You saw them at Alturas Cellar Stage in 2022 and The Pyramid Valley 'Metal On The Moon Festival'. Now they're touring through Reno once again to lash you with their wild stage show and bring their '3 Ring Circus' of debauchery to The Cellar Stage. And if you're into wicked theatrical bands like Rob Zombie, then you'll 'love' THE DOOD! Although a bit heavier than Zombie, their stage show is filled with Madness, Mayhem, and Naughtiness. THE METAL EXORCISM: Back in March of 2021 during the lockdown. We gathered at an undisclosed location in the mountains to perform the first Metal Exorcism. It was a private, secretive ceremony, and only a select few witnessed what happened. We then decided to bring this ritual to the masses at Alturas Cellar Stage in March of 2022. That was so amazing, it made us want to do an entire 'Exorcism' series. This will be the 6th edition in the series so far. Expect all hell to break loose..AGAIN! Hosted by J-Rock and Patty from The Rock Solid Pressure Show Join The Rock Solid Pressure Group Page Check out the new Rock Solid Pressure page

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